About Style Trolley

Welcome to Style Trolley - a carefully curated collection of women's clothing & accessories I'd be proud to add to my very own wardrobe. Style Trolley embodies on-trend designs at approachable prices. 

Style Trolley Mobile Boutique

What once started as a mobile Fashion Truck on the streets of Minneapolis has now evolved into an online boutique shipping items throughout North America. Why a mobile boutique? It was a break from chain stores - style delivered to your neighborhood and local events. Picture it - your next ladies' night, great food, some fabulous wine, and a high-end boutique with its doors open to only you and your guests. It was a perfect gig for me for over 6 years! 

3 Models Style Trolley

My enthusiasm for fashion and expressing myself through my personal style is why I started Style Trolley - I want to share this passion with others and help them craft their own personal style. Allow me and Style Trolley to exceed your expectations.

Meet the "Trolley"

A 2001 Freightliner Step Van which spent the majority of its first life as a Wonder bread delivery truck for the Hostess Company in Minneapolis. While this truck no longer hits the streets, it was an experience of a lifetime. Plus, I got to meet so many new people ... and their dogs over the years!

Style Trolley Truck Before/After

Soon after the Hostess Company folded, this little gem was sold at auction along with 4 of her siblings to a collector based in Mason City, Iowa. We found her parked out in a cornfield complete with Wonder Bread graphics and over 1,500 lbs. of bread racks still inside.

Style Trolley Truck Models Dogs

We knew this truck needed to return to the streets on Minneapolis, so after a month long interior build-out, a full vehicle vinyl wrap, a generator mounted and the proper paperwork filled, we hit the streets for the first time in 2015.

Inside Style Trolley